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Earls is the passion project of Lewi Earl Brown, who upon hanging up his boots on his professional league career, decided to take his love of clothing, family name, and leave his mark on the fashion world.

Many things come to mind when you think of the word Earl: nobility, heritage, esteem, but for Lewi this name was a source of shame and confusion growing up, being relatively old-fashioned and belonging to his absent father. As much a reclamation of his personal identity as the expression of a desire to reshape the perception of modern men’s streetwear, Earls grew from the spirit of reinvention. The idea that whether you’re born with a label, or given one, you have the power to redefine it. To claim it and make it your own - something you can wear with pride.

Earls is a celebration of this idea. Of rebirth and rebellion. From the current disruptions in hip hop, to fashion and culture, we find inspiration in innovation and power in shaping a brave new world. One where your labels don’t define you, you define them.

With co-founder Josh Heares and a team of creative collaborators, each collection draws inspiration from classic elements and cultural iconography but with our own aesthetic – one that pays homage to the past, while breaking rules and unashamedly finding, new, uncommon ground to explore and call home.

Welcome to Earls.